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Article number: 1511723

Category: Servo amplifier

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  • Motor controller up to 25A
  • Compact four-quadrant controller for: DC motors, BLDC motors, Linear motors
  • CAN interface (Protocol DS301, Device profile DS402)
  • integrated digital inputs
  • integrated digital outputs
  • integrated analog inputs
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature monitoring
  • Device status notification with the help of 3 LEDs (Power, Status, Error)
  • Hex switches to set the device node id
  • Easily programmable due to built-in MPU (Motion Process Unit)

Technical data

Name Value
   Absolute maximum rating (destruction limits)
      - Power supply voltage Up
         no polarity reversal protection
   80 V
      - Continuous Electronic supply voltage Ue
         no polarity reversal protection
   33 V
      - Short term peak voltage < 1s Ue
         no polarity reversal protection
   37 V

      - Electronic supply voltage Ue    9..30 V
      - Power supply voltage Up    9..60 V
      - Max. output current    25 A
      - Continuous output current*2    8 A
      - Output voltage    90% Up

   Motor types
      - DC motors    yes
      - BLDC motors    yes
      - Linear motors    yes
      - Stepper motors    no

      - Size LxWxH    70 x 50 x 18 mm

   CAN bus
      - Protocol    DS301
      - Device profile    DS402
      - Galvanically isolated    no

   Sensor supply (Hall)
      - Output voltage    5 V
      - Max. output current    0.2 A

      - Type    magnetic sensor
      - Signal type    Magnetic sensor for magnet on the motor shaft

   Hall sensors
      - Input voltage    0..5 V
      - Signal type    open collector, single ended, 5V pull up intern 920 Ohm

   Digital inputs
      - Number    8 (Din0..7)

   Digital outputs
      - Number    4 (Dout0..3)
      - Continuous output current    0.3 A

   Analog inputs
      - Number    3 (Ain0..2)
      - Signal type - Ain0..1    0..10 V, 12 Bit, single ended, 20 kOhm input impedance
      - Signal type - Ain2    0..5 V, 12 Bit, single ended, 5V pull up intern 1,5 kOhm

Modifications and errors excepted.

*¹ power amplifier switched off, 5V output (sensor supply) is free
*² connector cable with max. possible cable cross-section, PWM frequency 32 kHz, ambient temperature 40 °C (t > 40 °C derating)
no guarantee, since value is determined empirical, please consider the application notes to determine the continuous current
*³ default value

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